A consultancy firm

Trimpact, or Triple Impact, is a consulting firm specializing in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). Our aim is to support companies and asset managers in integrating ESG aspects into their strategy, to inspire women about finance and sustainable investment and to create transparency through our ESG Talk podcast.

Our type of sustainability

Our three divisions focus on different aspects of sustainability and social responsibility, for more sustainability in companies, in women's finances and more transparency on the topic through the ESG Talk podcast.

The ESG integration area is dedicated to the integration of ESG into the business practices of companies.

We are convinced that companies have a key role to play in the transition to a more sustainable society.

By changing strategy towards a more sustainable way of doing business, not only is our planet being beautified, but the habitat of humanity.

Our ESG Talk podcast creates transparency. In general, our major goal is to firmly anchor the topic of environmental, social and corporate governance among people, companies and investors so that it becomes a matter of course. People should make conscious decisions about how they live, where they work and how they invest. Our podcast aims to create transparency so that sustainable products, projects and companies can see important cash flows and continue to grow. 

The Women & Finance department is particularly committed to supporting and empowering women in their financial affairs. We recognize the importance of financial education and equality for the well-being of women. Therefore, we offer various opportunities to help women achieve financial independence and realize their goals.

About us

Stella Ureta-Dombrowsky

She is the founder of Trimpact, Senior ESG Consultant and host of the ESG Talk podcast. 

Stella Ureta-Dombrowsky has build after more than 20 years an expertise in capital market and specifically in the area of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). She has worked in London, Frankfurt am Main, Zurich, Greater New York City and now Barcelona. Her areas of expertise include ESG consulting, equity research and portfolio management. She gained her first experience in the ESG field as a utility analyst and deepened it during her time as consultant. Her previous employers include well-known institutions such as ING Financial Markets, Julius Baer, Hyposwiss and UBS. In the US, she switched to strategy consulting and gained extensive experience in project management, where ESG always played a key role.

Cooperation Partner TripleS GmbH

Daniel Frauenfelder is the founder and owner of TripleS GmbH, based in Liechtenstein.

Daniel Frauenfelder has been closely involved with ESG in the financial industry for over 10 years. He has worked for over 20 years in various sales and advisory positions in Switzerland and abroad and has consulted for various institutional clients on ESG issues. Among other things, he worked in sales at Allianz Global Investors and Bank Sarasin, as a freelance consultant at CSSP AG (now FE fundinfo) and in sales at EMF Microfinance AG, Liechtenstein, advising pension funds, asset managers and banks. Daniel Frauenfelder is also a managing director and ESG specialist at an asset management company in Liechtenstein.

Life is only worth living when it becomes a meaning.

We love what we do and we live this passion every day.


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